Gear Up


Intermediate and advanced students are expected to wear a traditional, white, karate uniform to practice sessions, and are required to wear them to belt tests and seminars. All students are required to wear a uniform when competing at tournaments. Otherwise, beginner students are not required to wear a uniform, but may do so if desired.

Caring For Your Uniform

Wash uniforms in hot water. While cold water will preserve the material longer, hot water is required to properly kill any bacteria that might grow in a sweaty uniform, thus protecting the owner’s health, the health of others, and reducing discoloration and odors. If possible, wash uniforms after each workout, or at least weekly. Ideally, one would have more than one uniform so they can be rotated between workouts. Bleach uniforms only when needed since bleach will wear out a uniform very quickly. Line drying uniforms is better for the material than the dryer, but is not necessary. Fold uniforms right away after drying to minimize wrinkles. There are at least two traditional methods for folding a uniform; students are not required to know or use either.

Getting a Uniform

The club sells uniforms to interested students. They can be bought in person or online through this site. Students do not need to purchase uniforms through the club if they prefer not to. Uniforms can be bought from any source of the student’s choosing so long as it is a karate-style uniform.

Recommended Uniforms

Sparring Protection

For free-sparring in class, students must, at least, wear hand-protection.

  • sparring gloves (full-hand gloves are better suited for those with less sparring experience)
  • knuckle mitts (minimalist knuckle mitts are for experienced students only)

Suggested Workout Gear