Class Green Sheet

Course Information For

Beginning/Intermediate Karate. 1/2 unit.


KNES-D012D M/W 6:30-7:20PM (Beginner)

KNES-D012E M/W 6:30-7:20PM (Intermediate)


Pete Rabbitt, (408) 864-8352,

Required Text

Fit & Well, 12th Edition (Brief Version), Fahey, Insel, & Roth

Course Content

The philosophical and physical aspects of Shotokan karate will be introduced during this quarter. The basic techniques of blocking, punching, striking, and stances used in this Japanese martial art will be taught, and students will have the opportunity to both observe and practice these techniques individually and with a partner. Practical self-defense drills involving escaping and counter-attacking techniques will also be practiced.

Classroom Procedure

This class is structured and balanced to provide the student with self-defense skills and traditional karate training, as well as a general understanding of the Japanese language, culture, and etiquette as it related to karate. Classes will begin with warm-up and stretching exercises to increase flexibility, enhance performance, and help prevent muscle injury. In addition to fundamental training exercises, there will be hands-on practice of skills using a partner, as well as contact drills using training pads.

Classroom Conduct

No food or drinks are allowed in the gym (water is okay). Please remove any trash when leaving the classroom. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to class will be marked absent. Disruptive students will be asked to leave the class and administrative actions will be taken as needed.


Clothing must allow for freedom of movement (exercise clothing). A karate uniform (gi) is optional. Remove jewelry, watches, hats, and shoes before class begins. No street clothes allowed during training. Lockers and showers are available in the Men and Women’s locker rooms, located in the PE 6 building, and students can get a locker assignment for the quarter free of charge. Men can contact Pete Rabbitt for locker assignments. Women can contact Precious Gerrado at (408) 864-8792.

Written Assignments

All written assignments can be submitted via either hard or soft copy (emailed).


Students will keep a training journal/notebook tracking their progress. This journal can contain personal observations and thoughts, notes regarding techniques learned each week, and any handouts provided by the instructor or researched by the student. This assignment is worth 25 points.

Final Exam

The written portion of the final will be take-home and based upon instructor handouts and material from the course text. The final exam is worth 35 points.

Grading/Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual attendance is essential to gain karate skills. The majority of your grade comes from points earned through skills testing, where you will demonstrate the techniques you have been taught. These points, combined with the points earned through the written assignments, will determine your final grade. Students are allowed 3 absences at no cost to their grade; after that, each absence lowers your final grade by one letter grade.

Example: A student who earns full credit on assignments and skills tests and has four absences will receive a “B” in the class. Make-up classes are allowed, but students are limited to two make-ups.

Point Breakdown

Demonstration of Skills: 140 points (70/70)
Training Journal:         25 points
Final Exam:               35 points
Extra Credit:             25+ points (varies)
Total Possible:          200+ points

Grading Scale

180 - 200+ points = A
160 - 179 points  = B
140 - 159 points  = C
130 - 139 points  = D
  0 - 129 points  = F

Extra Credit

Students needing extra credit work can earn 25 points by writing an essay (2-3 pages typed, double-spaced, subject relating to martial arts). There may be other opportunities during the quarter to attend an out-of-class event for extra credit as well. The points earned for these events will vary depending on the type of event.

Any student who does not wish to receive a grade or General Education credit may take this course on a Pass/No Pass basis. Students wishing to choose this option must submit the appropriate forms to Admissions & Records.