Intermediate Student Requirements


Before a student may take the physical exam for an intermediate rank, they must first pass a written test on material appropriate to the level being tested for. The written test must be retaken before each exam. To pass, the test must be completed with a 70% score or better.

Additionally, students must wear a traditional, white, karate uniform for testing at the intermediate levels and above. The club does sell uniforms, but students can purchase them from whomever or wherever they want.


Students testing for an intermediate rank should begin to demonstrate skills beyond simple repetition of the basic shapes and sequences being taught. Students at this level must also demonstrate at least the beginnings of a deeper level of understanding.


At the intermediate colored belt ranks, students should demonstrate proper body mechanics, particularly when not in motion or when motion is just beginning or ceasing.

For green belts, maintaining proper posture is emphasized. In particular, proper spinal alignment should be maintained, and there should not be improper or excessive leaning.

For purple belts, proper use of the hips and shoulders will also be considered. Students should be able to fully express the range of motion in the hips and demonstrate how the hips are involved in transferring power from the legs to the core of the body. The waist should generally not be moved in isolation from the hips. Regarding the shoulders, students should be able to maintain vertical alignment from the hips, to the waist, to the shoulders. There should not be excessive tension or over-rotation in the shoulders.


Kata performance should demonstrate a sense of rhythm in addition to previous expectations. Additionally, students should begin developing an awareness of possible applications for the movements in their forms. These applications, even if simplistic, should be visualized while performing.


Partner drills done at this level must go beyond simple repetition of sequences. A stronger emphasis on intention and awareness is expected.