Club Membership

What is club membership all about?

Club members are De Anza College karate students that are interested in making our karate program better than just a class on the course schedule. Members have opinions, ideas, and voices, and they take action and help lead the direction of our club. We hold monthly meetings, volunteer time and effort, organize and host events, provide belt promotions, and maintain connections with other Shotokan, karate, and martial arts communities.

Why become a club member?

The primary benefit to being a club member is being able to have a direct influence on the karate experience available to yourself and your classmates at De Anza College. Occasionally, as a club we gift ourselves small benefits for our hard work, but that isn’t what we’re about; we’re here to give something to our program, college, and Shotokan communities.

For those who are really enthusiastic about helping; consider becoming a club officer! While there are more responsibilities, there are also more benefits. Officers have a much more direct influence over how we operate. As a thank you, officers enjoy complimentary club workouts and club belt exams.

How does one become a club member?

Membership is easy! Membership is open to students that have completed at least one quarter of karate at De Anza College and are either currently enrolled in a karate class or are auditing a karate class. There are no membership dues. We do expect, but don’t require, members to attend, or volunteer at, most, if not all, club meetings and functions. Meetings are open to all De Anza College students, so if you are interested, but don’t yet qualify, feel free to sit in on a meeting to see what goes on!