Club Meeting Minutes: October 3, 2016

7:25 start

  • Roll: Lon, Sue, Cyrus, Ryn, Albert, Nick, George, Adam, Pauline, Rabbitt-Sensei

  • ICC: club day is coming up. Sue has volunteered to attend, but we need one more person.

  • Start thinking about the holiday party. We don’t have that many meetings left.
    • Historically, it’s the first Tuesday after finals week
    • Where to have it?
    • Let us know about any dietary restrictions

  • Belt test dates TBA (probably Friday night of finals week, 12/16)

  • Roberts-Sensei seminars: there’s interest, let’s schedule something

  • Sawada-Sensei is coming to do a seminar in late October, which dovetails nicely

  • We have a club website again!
    • Thanks to George for resurrecting it!
    • Meeting minutes will go up on the site

7:49 end